Salvation through the Tzaddik

Three Days Before the Crisis

Life always flowed smoothly for me. I was blessed with good health, children who were a pleasure to raise and a substantial income, Baruch Hashem.  I had true abundance, even from the point of view of the leaders of the community.

I work as a real estate broker and I do quite well, Thank G-d.

Once, when we were beginning a new project we decided to produce major opening event. I promised my partners that I would bring at least 400 people to the opening. This was essential so that we would achieve the desired volume of sales and it also made logical sense considering the options that we presented to the investors.

I have no idea how the time passed so quickly, but three days before the event I realized I had 72 hours left, and I had only 100 people who had committed to attend the event. I frantically began calling anyone I could think of that might have an interest in coming but I did not succeed in drafting a single new participant. I was on the verge of despair. Just so you will understand: a small turnout would not only have meant less profit but also losses that would have amounted to more than million Shekel! And all this would fall upon my shoulders!

I began to imagine creditors coming to my home to repossess its contents. I could see them dragging my dining room table away down the stairs and then I remembered, B’Ruach HaKodesh, HaTzaddik Rebbe Yeshaya of Karaestir , may his merit protect us. I called “Birchas Yeshaya” I promised to make an appropriate donation – too much money was on the line. And the Tzaddik, as you would expect, did not disappoint. A deluge of phone calls began pouring in responding to all the notices that we had previously posted advertizing the event – each one informing us that they would be attending our event.


I could barely keep up with the pace as the guests arrived. I rubbed my eyes over and over to make sure I was not dreaming – but this was the reality – the entire hall completely full with twenty more participants than I had originally committed to bring!


This was not the only surprise of the evening. When we reached the point where we enlisted people to join the project, over one hundred signed up – a number that we could not have even imagined would agree to commit to participate. We are speaking of an extraordinary level of success for events of this kind.


It is indeed possible to rely on Rebbe Yeshaya. He will deliver above and beyond.

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