The Beautiful Masterpiece Portrait of HaRav HaKadosh Rebbe Yeshaya,זיע"א , Together with the Special Amulet of Salvation

The Beautiful Masterpiece Portrait of HaRav HaKadosh Rebbe Yeshaya ,זיע"א ,Together with the Special Amulet of Salvation

Yoel Vicksberger, world renowned Judaica artist, has created an original work of art in honor of the “Hillulah” of HaRav HaKadosh of Kraestir : a magnificent portrait of the radiant Rebbe Yeshaya with the “Kivital Stub”- in the original room where the Tzaddik would greet and receive the many who came from all regions of Hungary to sit at his doorstep.

 This magnificeit work of art captures the beauty and appearance of this room down to the smallest detail. Upon the table sit the Sifrei Kodesh that were frequently refered to by Tzaddik  ,”נעם אלימל”

“אך פרי תבואה”  ,”צבי לצדיק” . Sitting next to them is the  Tzedekeh Pushke that was never removed from its place for the entire 94 years that have passed since the Rebbe Yeshaya has left this world and gone to the world beyond. Even the sugar that he would distribute to those who came to see him is not forgotten. With great expertise the artist integrates the treasured Amulet that Rebbe Yeshaya presented to those who merited to receive it, into this work of art. This Amulet would guard those who owned it, as well as, protecting their family from pain and suffering. This special Amulet generated miracles – in particular in the realm of Parnusa – open and visible miracles that became known by word of mouth. This one of a kind work of art has become extremely popular and is in great demand.

Donors to “Birchas Yeshaya” who take upon themselves the responsibility to support families who toil in Torah and follow in the footsteps of HaRav HaTzaddik Rebbe Yeshaya of Kaestir will be presented with this magnificent work of art, in a show of appreciation for joining our efforts. Moreover, they will also be entered into the “Book of the wonders of Parnusa of the Tzaddik Rebbe Yeshaya”. This elegant work of art will transform the wall of your salon or office or anywhere where you choose to place it and dignify it with grace and splendor.

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