The Miraculous Monthly Partnership

Each month your heart skips a beat. Either on the day that your credit card bill decimates your bank account and reminds you of all the purchases you made that you totally forgot about, or on the day that you must make your mortgage payment or pay the rent and now, suddenly, your account is left with virtually no money and you sit in shame, or, perhaps, it is the day that they call you from the bank in order to pressure you regarding all your debts….
If you could only have a miraculous partner who would be at your side once a month in order to make financial order and to iron out all these matters smoothly….if only. Wouldn’t you want that?
That is exactly what we are coming to suggest to you – a monthly agreement – to be at the Kever of Rebbe Yeshaya each and every month.
Join us each month and share in the blessed activities of “Birchas Yeshaya.”

This is not a newly invented custom. For many years, this small and remote city has served as the place where a Yid goes if he wants to doven for a steady and bountiful Parnosa. For many years Kraeastir has been the address for all those who are seeking help from the Tzaddik that announced that he will provide the remedy for all concerning “”לשובע ולא לרזון , “For Plenty and not for Scarcity..”
For years Jews from all over Hungry flocked to the Saintly Tzaddik Rebbe Yeshaya of Kraeastir זיע”א in order to receive his holy blessing so they would merit a bountiful Parnosa from Heaven- just as the Gedolai Hador of his generation testified that he held in his hand the “Key to Parnosa.”
This Bracha was not limited to his generation alone. Even after he left this world, masses of orphans still came for help….. After Rebbe Yeshayale was taken to the next world, his son – Rebbe Avraham Steinerזצ”ל  – inherited his father’s custom. He received many written requests for help. He saved all of them.  He would save them for a while but not forever.  Each Rosh Chodesh he would climb up the mountain and go up to the Beis Olamim(cemetery) of Kraeastir. There stood the “tent “ of his saintly father. He would walk over to the Kever and take the pile of Kevitlach that he had been saving.  When he stood in front of the Kever,  Rebbe Avrohom placed all the Kevitlach on the Matzaiva and then he would cry out in prayer for all the Yidden who were in distress and in need of help.
From that moment their destiny was now in the hands of the Holy Tzaddik Rebbe Yeshaya.  He did not hesitate to come to their rescue – there are no roadblocks when it comes to Rebbe Yeshayale.  HaKadosh Baruch Hu fulfills all his requests. The Kevitlach that his son R’ Avraham put on the Kever changed form and took on a new form all together…
The “Birchas Yeshaya Fondation” is the group that has taken upon its shoulders the responsibility to insure the continuation of the awesome Chassadim that the Tzaddik of Kraeastir did in his lifetime.
We urge all those who wish to join us in our mission to follow the custom of the Tzaddik’s son R’ Avrohom and include their name on the list of names that is brought to the holy Kever each month.
For a complete year your name will be put before Rebbe Yeshaya on each and every Yom Kippur Katan.
For a complete year your monthly expenses will be taken care of in the Zechus of Rebbe Yeshayale.
12 months will be taken care for you. Rebbe Yeshayale will take responsibility for them….

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