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משפיע ישועות בכל דורWhen Rebbe Yeshaya was still alive, there was a Hungarian Jew who moved to the United States of America. Upon his arrival to America he decided to open a Laundromat to support himself and his family. He worked very hard to develop his business. All his effort soon bore fruit. His business became a success and he now made a very comfortable living. Everything would have been fine were it not for the fact that two Italians moved in and decided to open another Laundromat across the street from his store. They “stole” his clients and he began to suffer financially. This Yid was beside himself – all his hard work to build up his business was about to be for naught. He heard that a friend of his was about to make a trip to Hungary so he asked him to go to Rebbe Yeshaya and explain to him the difficult predicament he was in.

His friend agreed and he went to Kraestir to speak with the Tzaddik on his friend’s behalf. He did so and when he returned to the States he also brought with him an Amulet, sealed inside an envelope, that Rebbe Yeshaya had given to him to present to his friend.

While all this was happening, his Italian competitors did everything they could to sabotage his business. They even went so far as to hire someone to set fire to the Yid’s store. Fortunately, as a result of very strange course of events, this man mistakenly set fire to the Italians store instead of the Yid’s.

After Rebbe Yeshaya passed to the next world this Yid got up the courage to open the envelope that contained the Amulet. To his great surprise, the Amulet quoted a verse from the first book of the Torah.
“And the men who were at the doorway became blind… and could not find the entrance.”

This Yid was not the only one to receive an “Amazing Amulet” from the Tzaddik.

Rebbe Yeshaya of Kraeastir became renowned for the wonders and miracles that were attributed to him. Furthermore he distinguished himself as an “Ohev Yisroel.” He was well known as one who cared deeply for his fellow Jews and did everything possible to help them maintain a good Parnosa. He was known to say about himself, “While the Gedolai Yisrael are delving into the”,רזה דרזין” – “the secret of secrets,” I am delving into, “לשועה ולא לרזון” – “making sure people have what to eat and do not go hungry.”

Therefore, the Gedolim who were his contemporaries would say, “The Key to Parnosa is in the hands of Rebbe Yeshaya of Kraeastir. The entire generation is sustained only because of him. ”כל העולם כולו אינו נזון אלא בשביל חנינא בני.”

All the Amazing Amulets that Rebbe Yeshaya presented to those who came to seek his help were written on special parchment prepared by his talmidim who were Yirai Shamayim, as well as outstanding craftsmen. Before Rebbe Yeshaya would give someone one of his Amulets, he would personally bless it.
As you would expect there were endless stories that were transmitted one man to another about the many wonders that happened to all who had in their possession an Amulet from Rebbe Yeshaya.

Wouldn’t you also like to have stories to tell about the amazing things that happened to you?

When we speak about help from Rebbe Yeshayale – It is certain that it will not be long in coming – Rebbe Yeshayale has influence in every generation.

Rebbe Yeshaya Affects salvation in every generation

The picture of the countenance of Rebbe Yeshaya is recognized by all and you will find it hanging in just about everywhere as a Segula to get rid of mice.
The amazing thing about this special Segula is that it is truly universally accepted, even among those who do not follow the Torah and its commandments.  They tell with a smile of a non observant fellow who hung up a picture of Rebbe Yeshaya when his home became infested with mice. To quote him, “I heard that it works even if you don’t believe it will help…”
The power of this Segula came from the blessing that Rebbe Yeshaya gave to the Yidden when mice had infested their silos of grain and threatened to destroy their crops through rot and decay. As a result of his blessing the mice disappeared from all these grain store houses and the Yidden were saved from financial ruin.
As we have said, the Rebbe Yeshaya’s picture is widely known and accepted, but now there is a new opportunity for a new Segula from the time of the Tzaddik.  And – not just to get rid of mice. Mekubalim from the previous generation wrote about the powers of the Amulets that had been written by Rebbe Yeshaya and given to special Yidden.
Rebbe Yeshaya had a son who followed in his path. So before the Tzaddik left this world, he transmitted to his son the secrets of the Amulet, as well as, the specific instructions as to how to write it.  His son, in turn, gave the Amulet to deserving Jews and they were blessed, in the merit of the Tzaddik, just as had happened when Rebbe Yeshaya was still alive.
Many stories and testimonies have been passed down over the years that tell of the amazing powers and benefits connected with these Amulets and of the supernatural miracles that happened to those who had these Amulets in their possession.
Today, as well, it is possible to obtain one of these “Amazing Amulets” that have been written according to the instructions of the Gedolai HaDorשליט”א , who are connected to the legacy of Rebbe Yeshaya of Kraeastir and “Birchas Yeshaya.”  Already, we have testimony from people in our own generation who have these Amulets and tell of the miracles that happened to them once they had the Amulet in their possession.
All those who partner with us in the huge enterprise, “Birchas Yeshaya” and join with us in strengthening Torah and performing acts of Chesed in the finest of ways will merit to receive one of these “Amazing Amulets” and to bring Bracha and Hatzlacha, blessing and success, to their families.

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