In the Path of the Tzaddik

The Blessing of Gedolai Yisrael

“Birchas Yeshaya” is supported by the Gedolai Yisrael of our generation who are deeply impressed with the dignified manner that “Birchas Yeshaya” supports and sustains the families of less fortunate Benai Torah just as Rebbe Yeshaya of Karaestir did in his lifetime.
The leaders of our organization arranged for a special meeting with שר התורה, Harav  HaGaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky שליט”א , and explained to him the many activities of our Foundation.  The Rav gave them his blessing and encouraged them by saying that what you are doing is indeed צדקה של אמת that is strengthening Torah by helping the needy in a truly dignified way.
The heads of “Birchas Yeshaya” sat at the table of HaGaon HaRav Av Bais Din Rav Povrosky שליט”א , and reviewed with him all the programs that we sponsor.  The Gaon expressed his joy when he heard of all the wonderful things that we are doing and said this is the highest way of performing the mitzvah of Tzedakeh. He continued and blessed all involved in this holy endeavor in the highest terms.
The heads of “Birchas Yeshaya” also went to the home of Rosh Yeshivas Ponovith שלוט”א, in order to receive advice and direction regarding the way that we distribute goods before Chag HaPesach.  “You are performing a very great service and Mitzvah through your distribution of goods to those who toil in Torah!” he encouraged as he reviewed our activities.
Our organization enjoys the support and encouragement from the Holy Admor from Belz שליט”א, who wrote his special Bracha and Hascoma for all our programs. The leaders of our Foundation are in constant contact with the son of the Admor, HaRav HaTzaddik HaRav Aharon Mordechai Rokeach שליט”א, who took time and made the effort to come himself to visit our special store that operates for the benefit for the Avrechim we support.
HaGaon Harav Shlomo Eliezer Stern שליט”א, wrote on behalf of our organization a letter of encouragement and blessing to all those who are involved in our activities and are following in the footsteps of the Rebbe Yeshaya of Karstir.  In the letter he include the support of HaGaon Rav Chaim Meir Vassner שלוט”א, who also added warm words of support for all “Birchas Yeshaya” is doing.
HaMashpia HaRav HaTzaddik Rav Elimelech Biderman שליט”א, visited our Chesed Store and could not hide his amazement. “There is no doubt that the awesome merit of the Tzaddik (Rebbe Yeshaya) is the reason that has caused him, even many years after he has left this world, to be Mashpia on what happens in this world.” He continued, “The partnership with him is to follow his course and that is a very great indeed!”
Come and be a part of the continuation of this great legacy and merit to recieve the blessings from this great and revered Tzaddik, who continues to effect things that happen in this world and brings salvation even many years after he has left this world. Join with Rebbe Yeshaya for the sake of HaShem. Surely this will succed in opening the gates of heaven for you!
HaMekubal HaEloki, Harav HaTzaddik Yitzchak Moshe Erlanger שליט”א, also visited our store and expressed how thrilled he was. “I am envious of you because you have the merit to continue in the path of the Tzaddik and surely this will be the cause of bringing great salvation.”
The amazing Chesed Store of “Birchas Yeshaya” also received a visit from The Gaon Rav Chaim Pinchas Hurvitz שליט”א. He was happy to see the well supplied and organized shelves that are waiting for the Avrechim who will be utlizing the stipends that they receive under the auspices of “Birchas Yeshaya.”

The Gedolim of our generation strongly encourage all to support the sublime activities of “Birchas Yeshaya,” and they add their blessing to the blessing of Rebbe Yeshaya to all those who follow in his ways.  Each and everyone who joins together with us will merit “משפע אלוקי ממרומים” –  abundance from HaShem from “on High.”

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