In the Path of the Tzaddik


We are not alone – We can benefit today from the help of the Tzaddik Rebbe Yeshaya, for the Sake of Heaven.

“Birchas Yeshaya Foundation” continues to follow in the footsteps of Rebbe Yeshaya.

 Today, even after he has left this world, the legacy of the Saintly Tzaddik Rebbe YeshayaOf Karaestir lives on.
Today, there are those who walk in the footsteps of the Tzaddik and take upon themselves to care for those who toil in Torah and serve Hashem but live in poverty.
Today, just as he did throughout his life time, there are those who do this with true dignity, sensitivity and wisdom.
Today, Rebbe Yeshaya stands from on high and recommends and reassures us: “Join with me and become my partners and do Chesed and I will open the gates for you.”

This is our proposal to you and this is the way you will free of your financial debt.

At “Birchat Yeshaya we have blazed a new path in order to emulate what HaTzaddik Rebbe Yeshaya did in his generation “Lemman Hashem,” for the sake of Heaven.

With this being our goal, at “Birchas Yeshaya” we do not only distribute food or hand out financial stipends, but also at “Birchas Yeshaya” we bring the legacy of Rebbe Yeshaya: Torah and Tzedakah in the most dignified way that meets the needs of our generation.

As part of our program hundreds of Avrechim – Benai Torah- are tested each month. These tests are given on various levels and according to the amount of Blatt Gemorah that each Avreach has learned 30, 50, 70 and so on.

Based on the test results, each Avrech receives as his stipend a card with a particular sum of money on the card. Each Avrech then takes his card to a store that has been set up specifically for them.  At this store he does not purchase items. Instead,  he redeems his card for the amount on money contained on the card. Thus he receives his שכר for his  עמל בתורה.

This is called “Tzedahah  Shelayma.”

“Perfection in giving” strengthens Limud Torah Mehuderes, where the Avrechim do not feel, חלילה, that they are receiving a handout, but rather that they are active participants in the lofty and honorable partnership of Yisacar and Zevulun.

At this very unique store, bright as the day is light, one can see the direct continuation of what took place in the holy courtyard of the Saintly Rebbe Yeshaya – all for the sake of Heaven.

Join us in performing “צדקה מושלמת,” “Pure Tzedakah,” and become a partner with us and follow in the path of Rebbe Yeshaya of Karaestir. Come take part in true Chesed to help feed the hungry just as Rebbe Yeshaya did in his courtyard.

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