Who does not recognize the countenance of the revered Tzaddik Rebbe Yeshaya of Kraeastir?

His picture can be found everywhere, as a Segula to chase away the mice. Unlike other Segulos, in this case there is a clear explanation why it works and it always works – always.  Not only for meritorious individuals….At “Hatzala” they tell the story of a man who hung the Tzaddik’s picture in his house when he became infested with mice and he said, “I heard that it works for everyone –even if they do not believe – and so it did.

 But you should know that Rebbe Yeshaya has far greater Segulos than chasing away mice, Segulos with much more impact and power, Segulos that stand on their own.

 Segulos – that open the gates to all the upper worlds.
Segulos – that bring the help of Rebbe Yeshaya.


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