Salvation through the Tzaddik

Salvation of a Sheigetz

 Rav Shimon Hirshler relates:
During our travels to Hungary to visit Kivrai Tzaddikim and to pray with great intensity there, there were times when we would employ the services of a gentile driver who was very familiar with the roads in the area. During one such trip the driver did not leave his vehicle to come into any of the Bais Kevuros, rather he would remain in his vehicle until we returned.
However when we arrived in Kraeastir, surprisingly, the driver got out of the car and joined us when we went to the Kever. He put his hand on his head and mumbled some prayer very quietly.
When we returned to the car I asked him, out of curiosity, why in particular at the grave site of Rebbe Yeshaya did he get up and pray there? To my surprise this gentile told the following story:
“A number of years ago charges were filed against me regarding some financial matters. I turned to a very well known attorney for help but he threw up his hands and said only a miracle could save me.  I was completely distraught and fell into despair.”
“Then an idea fell into my head. During the many opportunities that I have had to take Jews to visit the gravesites of their saintly Rabbis I have heard many stories of the miracles that have occurred after praying at grave of these righteous men.  I noticed that a great many open miracles occurred in connection with “Papa Shayke” (that is how the goyim of the area referred to Rebbe Yeshaya).”

“I got into my car and made a special trip to Kraeastir. I went to the grave of “Papa Shake” and began to cry. ‘Papa Shayka please help me! In the merit of the fact that I take many Jews to come pray by you please save me from this terrible ordeal!’”

“No sooner had I returned to my vehicle then I received a call from my attorney who informed me that the person who filed the charges against me had decided to drop all charges and my case had that been closed!”

“Ever since that time I make sure to go to the grave site and thank the Saintly Rabbi every time I bring Jews to come and pray for salvation.”

If Rebbe Yeshaya is willing to help gentiles in these types of situations, how much more so will he be willing to come to our rescue?!!

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