In the Path of the Tzaddik

For Plenty and not for Scarcity

“Birchas Yeshaya” Open your hand

Yom Tov can be a time that can cause Avrechim to drown in the sea of anxiousness not knowing if they will be able to provide their families with the basic necessities that are needed to make a proper Yom Tov.  Hence, before each Yom Tov, “Birchas Yeshaya” makes a special effort to help families dedicated to Torah to bear the burden of all their expenses. At “Birchas Yeshaya” we strive to insure that our dear Avrachim can continue to devote themselves to “,עמל בתורה” to serious Torah study with peace of mind.
With great pride we can note our successful campaign of food distribution through the
framework of “כולל יששכר באוהלך” – Kollel Yissachar in Your Tent.  We provide the basic products needed to insure that the families of Avrachim have a Simchadicka Yom Tov. We devote much thought, time and effort to make sure that we do the utmost to provide all the things that will meet the needs of the families we are helping. The recipients of our packages receive an array of products including fine flour, meats, sweets etc.- all from the finest brands. At “Birchas Yeshaya” we are committed to support these families so that they are able to pass through the entire Yom Tov period with their heads above the waves. All of this done under the auspicious of “Birchas Yeshayahu Foundation” in memory of and in the merit of raising the Neshama of the Saintly Tzaddik Rebbe Yeshaya  of Krastir, זיע”א.
.At ”Birchas Yeshaya,” we make sure that for each holiday we provide those products that are needed to celebrate that particular Chag. So, for example, on Channukah we include olive oil to light the menorah

Rebbe Yeshaya of Krastir always made an effort to do chasadim for every Jew and in particular to those for whom Torah Study was of paramount importance. And the Chesed that he performed was always done with the greatest sensitivity so those being helped would feel appreciated and supported.

Rebbe Yeshaya promised his blessing, מן השמים, to all those who followed this lofty path.

You are invited to join us in participating in this wonderful chesed project of “Birchas Yeshaya”- to help strengthen and support families of Bnai Torah בדרך הכבוד, and to merit all the blessings and salvations that the Tzaddik of Krastir bestows on those who follow in his footsteps.

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