Help from the Tzaddik

Do not close the store

Shmuel lived a very comfortable life in London. The store that he owned and managed provided him with a very nice living, and without going into all the details, he was considered to be a very affluent Jew.

The upheaval in his life began in complete innocence. One day, he simply went out to his mail box and opened the large envelop that he received that day and was caught by total surprise. What? Why was the municipality getting involved in his business?  What was the cause of this scandalous fine being levied against him?

Shmuel was not the kind of a personality who looked to go head to head against someone and especially not against someone who came from high places. So gritting his teeth, he put the letter down on the table and began to contemplate how he could come up with the money to be able to pay off this very substantial fine. As he put down the first piece of paper he noticed another piece of paper sticking out of the envelope. Apparently the surprises were just beginning. He removed the second piece of paper and was horrified to read that it was a court order to close his store!!!

Shmuel was so shocked by the news he had just received that he almost fell off his chair. He wondered what he could have done to deserve all this trouble. He finally calmed down only to discover a third page inside this cruel envelope. At this point he simply did not have the strength or courage to read it so he asked one of his employees to read it. No sooner had he made that request that he regretted it dearly.  For on the last page of this communiqué was the final nail in his coffin – a subpoena to appear in court!

It took quite some time before Shmuel was able to regain his composure from the ill effects that this ominous letter from the bureaucrats at City Hall had on him. But when he finally did he began to make inquiries as to how he could get himself out of this predicament. Unfortunately no matter which way he turned the results were the same – the situation seemed completely hopeless.

Everyone he spoke with had the same response. “I never heard of such a thing. It seems totally out of the ordinary and so unfair,” they would say with sympathy. “But you can’t fight City Hall. There is no hope of changing their decrees.”

Shmuel wandered the streets of London in a totally distraught state of mind. All he could think about was what seemed to be the high probability of an extremely bleak future.

“מאין יבוא עזרי”  –  “From where shall my salvation come?”  All of a sudden it all became clear, from Kraeastir!  Shmuel booked a ticket to Hungry as quickly as he could. He knew that he had only one hope. He had to go and doven by the Kever of Rebbe Yeshaya .זיע”א When he arrived at the Kever he immediately burst into tears and dovened with all his heart regarding what seemed to be his terrible fate. Surely Rebbe Yeshaya could help.  For behold didn’t he always say, “That when a goy would harass a Jew that eventually the goy would recant or he will ‘lie down’ for eternity.”

Shmuel did not want to leave only his tears at the Kever so he made sure to make a generous donation before he left for the sake of the continuing the legacy of the Tzaddik. Then he began his journey back to London to see what else the authorities had been doing while he was gone.

As soon as he arrived in London he called his attorney to get an update regarding his situation. He was so anxious he could not sit down but rather paced back and forth as he waited to hear the latest news.  Just that day he had received another letter from City Hall but this time the envelope contained just one page in it. It read, “We have reviewed all the evidence and have determined that it will not be necessary for you to appear in court. Due to your actions you will be assessed a fine for first time offenders. This fine must be paid within 90 day at which point your case will be closed.” Shmuel was ecstatic! All he had to do was pay the fine and all would be well.  Shmuel’s store could remain open and he would be able to continue to maintain his Parnosa.

Shmuel was overcome with joy and thanks that the Master of the Universe had miraculously saved him from a perilous situation and all in the merit of the Holy and Sainlty Tzaddik of Kraeastir.

How do they say it? It was worth every pound!

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