In the Path of the Tzaddik


Often with little success Avreichim find themselves running from Gemach to Gemach to provide their families with the most basic necessities of life.  At “Birchas Yeshaya,” one of our primary goals is to alleviate the burden of Parnosa so that Avreichem will be able to devote themselves to Limud Torah with peace of mind.
At “Birchas Yeshaya,” in the hope of bringing joy to families that are blessed with many children, we provide them with new articles of clothing before a Yom Tov at a greatly reduced price so that the purchase is hardly felt among the burden of all the expenses that are incurred preparing for a Yom Tov.
Our foundation – among many other things – organizes a massive distribution of high quality footwear at a symbolic price of 8 Shekel ($2.25) for a pair of shoes. In actuality this symbolic price is charged only so that those purchasing the shoes will feel that they have purchased the shoes and are not receiving a hand out.
At “Birchas Yeshaya” we go to great lengths to provide the highest quality products so that the recipients will be able to enjoy these products for the maximal amount of time and so that they will gain the maximum amount of benefit from each “purchase.”

These Chesed Distributions are organized in memory of and in the merit of raising the Neshama of the Saintly Tzaddik Rebbe Yeshaya  of Krastir, זיע”א, who dedicated his life to perform acts of loving kindness for בני ישראל.
Thus does “Birchas Yeshaya Foundation” guard the legacy of Rebbe Yeshaya of Krashir – Complete Chesed – Tzedakah with dignity.
In this way “Birchas Yeshaya Foundation” reflects the continuation of the profound and exalted acts of Chesed of our revered teacher, the Saintly Rebbe Yeshaya of Krashir and hence, merit being connected to and receive abundance from the Tzaddik on high.
Each and everyone who supports the activities of our foundation is assured that Rebbe Yeshaya will aid him from the עולם האמת and will send him salvation for allthat he needs.

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