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He Held the Key of Parnosa

It was well known that Rebbe Yeshaya Steiner held the keys to a good Parnosa. So it was, about one hundred years ago, that Tzaddikim and Admorim who lived during the lifetime of Rebbe Yeshayale would send all those in need of a blessing for Parnosa to Kraeastir. It was there, with the Tzaddik’s help, that many a Yid would find his key to a stable living.
How was it that the “Key to a Good Parnosa” was put in the hands of Rebbe Yeshayayle?
Because by Rebbe Yeshayale, Gemilus Chasadim was such, that the Gedolai Hador of his generation said of him, that he performs this Mitzvah to perfection! Who can truly fathom the secrets of the Tzaddikim and understand the depths of the significance of the meaning of fulfilling a Mitzvah to perfection in all its particulars and details, its intentions and its foundations?
The “Beis Avrohom” of Slonim told one of his Chassidim as he was about to part from him, “On your way back home stop in the city of Kraeastir, and you will see a unique Tzaddik that has attained the highest levels of holiness simply as a result of his complete Mesiras Nefesh for Bnai Yisroel!

Open Your Hand and Provide

In his holy courtyard, one would always find tables set with all good things. “כל דכפין ייתי ויאכל“ –  “All who are hungry come and eat.” Rebbe Yeshayale did not appoint others to perform this Mitzvah for him. He was always present overseeing the food preparations and making sure that each guest had everything that he needed for peace ofmind, body and soul. Many of those that came to live under the guidance of the Tzaddik would wonder out loud, “Why would the Tzaddik spend so much of his time taking care of wayfarers and guests?”  He would simply laugh and continue to serve his guests and not let anyone take his place.
Many guests would sit at his table and each and every one would receive special attention from him.
Rebbe Yeshaya fulfilled to the fullest, “והיו עניים בני ביתך.” – “and you shall consider the poor as if they are your children.” Jews from all over would come and live with him for years and feel as if his home was their home.

Signs and Wonders in Kraeastir

Rebbe Yeshayale went and made a deal Hashem Yisborach. “Ribono Shel Olam,” he said to Him, “I will do more that I am 

able to do to provide for the hungry and miserable and You will, כביכול, do more than You can to help me to be able to feed them.”
Rebbe Yeshayale went and made a deal Hashem Yisborach. “Ribono Shel Olam,” he said to Him, “I will do more that I am able to do to provide for the hungry and miserable and You will, כביוכל, do more than You can to help me to be able to feed them.”
And behold Rebbe Yeshayale succeeded to provide for all, even, at times, in ways that transcended nature.  Those who helped him to prepare meals tell with awe that they prepared meals with the limited food stuffs that they had in the house and, inexplicably, there was enough food to feed everyone no matter how many people came to sit at his tables.
One time,  when a group of Chassidim arrived at the courtyard of Rebbe Yeshayale, Rebbaynu told everyone to set a table for this group. One of his helpers said to him with anxiety, “The pot has barely any soup left in it. What shall we do?” Rebbe Yeshayale took the ladle and stirred the pot a bit and said, “Why do you tell me such a thing there is plenty for everyone…”
The same helper came up and looked in the pot and her very eyes saw the miracle – the pot was nearly full to the brim.
On Motzai Shabbsos Rebbe Yeshayle would take the cholent pot and give out a portion to everyone who requested some. He continued to serve and the pot was never consumed until there was no one hungry in the room.
When Rebbe Yeshayale was very ill and about to pass to the next world he called for one of the women from the community who was in need of help. When she came to his side he promised her that he would take care of her on the condition that she made sure that everyone who attended his funeral would have enough to eat and drink.  This was what he worried about at the moment when he was about to leave his earthly home.
The woman fulfilled his last wish and she was provided for… of course.

His last Will and Testament

The pillar of Chesed in his generation departed from us on 3 Iyyar 5655, and he left behind him a glorious legacy and a clear charge and command for all: חסד – עושים בשלימות – Chesed – must be done to perfection!
He was Moser Nefesh for Gemilus Chasadim – he dedicated all his strength in order to give to others. He is the one who can bring help and a good Parnosa, profit and success, to all those that partner with him in Chesed.  This was his command: be my partner in giving to perfection and I will work for you to open the gates of Parnosa!
Come now and sign up and take part in this golden opportunity to become a partner with Rebbe Yeshaya, who has the key to Parnosa in his hands. Do not miss this great opportunity!


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