3rd of Iyyar in Kraeastir

3rd of Iyyar, the day of destiny, is fast approaching. Will you be there???

You look all around you…at your close friends, your neighbors and your acquaintances and you ask yourself, “What are they doing that brings them such success? How do they manage their bank account? How are they able to progress so quickly while I am left behind in the dust?”

Surely, we do not understand “Chesbonos HaShamayim”- Hashem’s master plan. But there are people that seem to know the formula for success.

Invest and become involved with those who hold the key to a successful “Parnosa” like the Tzadikim of the generation who testified about the Saintly Rebbe Yeshaya of Kraeastir. May his merit protect us Amen.

There are special days that are different, dates that have changed the lives of many people. These days have the power to change your life! All you need to know is how to take advantage of them…

There are only a few grains of sand left to fall in the hour glass of time – this is about to happen in just a few more days.

3rd of Iyyar, this is the critical day – Mark this date on your calendar!

Masses of people make their way to Kraeastir on the 3rd of Iyyar to benefit from this great day at the most strategic of places. Some come by air and some find their way through the help of those who follow on the path of the Tzaddik.
On the3rd of Iyyar, Minyan after Minyan after Minyan of Mispallilim come to the Kever to doven and to insure for themselves salvation on the day of the Yahrtzeit of Rebbe Yeshaya, זצוק”ל, the day that the heavenly gates of Parnoso open up from the skies above Kraeastir.

At the center of everything is the Minyan of “Birchas Yeshaya.” This is a special delegation of representatives of those who follow in the footsteps of the Tzaddik, those about whom Rebbe Yeshayale proclaimed before he left this world for the eternal world, “ If you continue to follow my path of complete and total Chesed then you will see salvation just like when I was alive in this world.”

You can also be a partner with those upon whom this blessing was bestowed and join together with them in all the acts of Chesed that “Birchas Yeshaya” initiates in Eretz Yisroel. You too will be following the path of Rebbe Yeshaya of Kraeastir and hence you will also receive the blessing that the Tzaddik promised before he left this world.
As a result of your help you will share in the merit and reward of the hundreds of Avrechim , Bnai Torah, that “Birchas Yeshaya” looks after and helps to meet their daily needs. And Rebbe Yeshaya will look down on them from Heaven and will be pleased.
And he did not have to be responsible for them…
On the 3rd of Iyyar masses of Yidden go the Holy Kever.  However, being there physically is not the real story. The most important thing is to be a true partner with Rebbe Yeshaya, to give him what he asked for and then the Tzaddik must fulfill his promise to you.

You must be his true partner! You must appear on the list of patrons who support “Birchas Yeshaya” that our special Minyan recites when it goes up to the Kever of the Tzaddik on the 3rd of Iyyar and conducts a special Tefila at the בית העלמין ) cemetery ) in Kraeastir.

Come take advantage of this great opportunity.

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